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The only company producing data recovery tools in the Western World, EDR Tools has at least 3 years of advantage over the other worldwide competitors in the field of research and development.

The company has projects on the way for the next 5 years, beyond further future requests that may arrive, and among these projects there are few that nowadays don't have any corresponding tool on the market.


European Data Recovery Tools srl

♦ First European data recovery tools producer
♦ More than 10 years experience in data recovery
♦ Efficient and continuous support
♦ Dedicated and professional trainings


Registered office: Viale Giovanni Paolo II 15/4
33100 - Udine (UD)

Headquarters: Via Roveredo 20/B
33170 - Pordenone (PN)


tel. +39 0434 507 590 
fax +39 0434 60 64 09


vat code 02723870305