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EDR Tools was founded in January 2013 to develop, produce and supply innovative solutions with a high technological skill and a true vocation in the field of data recovery, security, data destruction or restoration of sensitive data.

These solutions are created with the aim at fulfilling the always growing as technology spreads requests of Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide and, at the same time, to meet the necessities of private data recovery companies, everyday facing the continuous innovation process characterizing this field.

EDR Tools was born to create products able to breach maximu-security storage and data recovery secrets and now aims at becoming a point of reference for all those commercial and institutional clients intereste in obtaining, through advanced technological systems, the best result possible in the shortest time.


European Data Recovery Tools srl

♦ First European data recovery tools producer
♦ More than 10 years experience in data recovery
♦ Efficient and continuous support
♦ Dedicated and professional trainings


Registered office: Viale Giovanni Paolo II 15/4
33100 - Udine (UD)

Headquarters: Via Roveredo 20/B
33170 - Pordenone (PN)


tel. +39 0434 507 590 
fax +39 0434 60 64 09


vat code 02723870305