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GENESIS is a forensic hdd copier module joining data recovery procedures to forensic acquisition.

The technologies applied to commercial data recovery and forensic acquisition and analysis always worked on two parallel and separate tracks.

EDR Tools' project is to make these two ways converge and to apply data recovery techniques (suitably «adapted») to computer forensics, with the aim of accede and acquire data even when the device is damage or sabotaged.

Genesis main page screenshot


GENESIS merges F.L.A.M.E.’s copying with firmware commands and cloner in a single and easy to use tool (does not require firmware knowledge) working even when the drives are protected by ATA password or present sectors/surfaces hard or impossible to read.



Supported brands:Genesis brand screenshot

♦ Western Digital
♦ Seagate
♦ Samsung
♦ Toshiba
♦ Fujitsu


Advanced options for destination and source disk

Advanced options for destination and source disk characterize this tool such as:

♦ Writing on destination (disk or image) only those sectors that were not copied by using a fixed pattern chosen to vaildate the copy with a hashing and the list of written LBA with that pattern

♦ The use of different settings/surfaces in order to allow more operations on source drive, just as F.L.A.M.E.'s cloner does

Genesis screenshotPassword ATA unlock

When on a disk an ATA password is activated, every attempt to accede data will be blocked , therefore it will be impossible to copy it with a standard cloner.
By using the detect function of the drive GENESIS checks if a password is set and when it, is it temporary unlocks the disk by bypassing security controls through the firmware.
By turning off and on the drive it will be again protected by the password.




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