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EAGLE is the first hardware and software complex able to acquire and extract data from working, but above all damaged smartphones and tablets.

Nowadays smartphones and tablets are the most popular means of communication, thus becoming a key point for forensic investigations.

The market currently offers the opportunity to acquire them using custom softwares dumping the phone or tablet through the phone or tablet itself and then proceed with data extraction and analysis. This method is valid as long as the smartphone or tablet are unlocked, correctly working and detected by the system.

When the device is locked by a passcode/screenlock, out of order, phisically broken, or does not power on all these tools have to give up.

EDR Tools introduces its new hardware and software complex able to acquire and extract data from locked or damaged smartphones and tablets, beyond working ones. This new low power release improves the performances of previous version and displays a new user friendly graphic.

This product merges forensic acquisition principles with data recovery techniques and solutions.



EAGLE's main utilities are EAGLE Reader and Extractor and EDR Analyzer Desktop.

EAGLE Reader and Extractor

It is a hardware device able to extract the raw content of EMMC/EMCP/EMCP 221 memory chips.  Thanks to its proprietary algorithms, the extraction method allows an increase of 75% in success rate.

It comes with three hardware extractors (one for EMMC, one for EMCP and the third for EMCP 221) requiring a low amount of current (LP = Low Power) in order to be safely used also on laptop PCs beyond our Tactical suite and desktop PCs.

The adaptors used avoid reballing operations thus decreasing the risk of chip complete destruction during chip off operations (eg. termal shock).

It works with the latest versions of Microsoft operative systems and is connected to the pc through a USB port.

EDR Analyzer Desktop

edr analyzerIt is a suite that allows the analysis of physical dumps made by means of EAGLE Reader and Extractor. It comprehends: EDR Analyzer and EDR Viewer with its Report Generator.

The tool can handle physical dumps belonging to different operative systems (all Android versions, BlackBerry* and Windows Phone).
Moreover, the Analyzer gives the possibility to work on logical extractions from Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod in all their versions), Android and Windows operating systems.

Among its functions, EDR Analyzer Desktop suite can:

 ♦ extract images and personal files both existing, deleted and partially overwritten
 ♦ check phone book, incoming and outgoing sms and calls. It handles main messaging apps and social networks
 ♦ give GPS coordinates possibly attached to images and chats if geolocation was enabled in the device
 ♦ view, search, export tables within SQLite DB including deleted data

* acccording to the model of the BlackBerry device



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