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EAGLE LP Tactical version is a complete hardware and software system for in filed operation dedicated to Law Enforcement operators. The portability is provided with the Microsoft Surface device included in the package.


It includes EAGLE Reader and Extractor, cable set, EDR Analyzer and Viewer and other utilities integrated with the following features:

♦ EAGLE Tactical’s firmware is completly developed by EDR Tools’ laboratory and is specially designed to read memory chips without allowing writing operations. It includes safe and fast reading algorithms, but not writing algorithms to be more suitable for forensic operations.

♦ extracted data by means of EAGLE Reader and Extractor are subjected to a cyclic redundancy check and verified more than once during reading operations to ensure the accuracy of the data and bring to 0 possible fake bytes

♦ the high speed of acquisition preserves in any case the quality standard

Through its user friendly interface, specific utilities can be used to investigate on the devices such as:

♦ full logical dump (backup of of Android and iOS devices)
♦ physical dump from rooted Android devices (without the physical extraction of the memory chip)


On request and exclusively for Law Enforcement, EAGLE can be integrated with the MG module, thus creating, for the first time in data recovery history, a tool that embeds our system and allows the recovery both in field and remotely.

This hardware and software complex will embed the same tools we provide for laboratory facilities, this way the technicians will master both local and remote data recovery tools at the same time with no need to create a special task force for remote only.

Using this tool will be like having a portable laboratory for in field operations handled by qualified technicians. At the same time, it allows remote access to a central laboratory to get the support needed or to carry out the necessary operations.

EAGLE with the MG module, unlike its standard Tactical Version, requires a specific configuration and the supply of a server for safe communication.

* Possible special precautions or limitations will be checked case by case according to IOS version.



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