Our Expertise



Data recovery is our roots and DNA.
We were founded to develop, produce and supply innovative solutions in the field of data recovery, security, data destruction or restoration of sensitive data. When it comes to digital security, we simply know how to recover data from any device or situation. We can work both when the device is working (unlocking it if necessary) and when it broken, tampered or simply out of order. Effective and efficient data recovery also depends on establishing and maintaining a laboratory that supports and optimizes the entire investigative process end-to-end and can withstand any evidentiary challenges. The individual design needs of a forensic laboratory are as unique as the evidence that gets analyzed within their walls. As the digital forensics field continues to expand, organizations need their laboratories to advance with the science upon which they depend. The measure of success is how well a laboratory meets the current and future needs of the organization. We know that the new age lab setups combine a more advanced and wider set of investigative devices and solutions made to forensically examine a variety of digital devices apart from computers only.

We cover and offer all the fundamental elements necessary to have a complete and state-of-the-art digital forensics laboratory. We are totally committed to offer the most complete line of products to our customers and bring the highest level of technology and innovation. Thanks to our constant research and development as manufacturer and thanks to the strategic alliances with our international partners, our laboratories are not limited to only some specific tools, but they include all the instruments and solutions that are necessary to cover all the forensic functions.


We customize each laboratory based on the needs of the client by integrating our know-how and expertise in what they already have. Furthermore, as data recovery is a specific technical skill that requires experience and specialty equipment, we bring our R&D extensive knowledge of applied data recovery in our trainings and courses, and we guarantee our customers on-going assistance and tailored- made support.

This is why we offer innovative products and integrated solutions for digital forensics worldwide.