Our Strucure


In today’s networked world, digital forensic operators must stay on top of the industry changes with on-going education and constant training. Considering the pace at which technology is advancing, investigators constantly need to learn new skills, understand new techniques, and keep appraised of the changing demands of the job. We have created a Training Center so that the education and training we offer to our clients become a fundamental part of the service we provide.

We offer a wide range of digital forensics training courses and programs. Thanks to our experienced trainers, we provide continuing education, basic-to-advanced training on various techniques in digital forensics and data recovery, as well as “Reserved Courses” with specific and dedicated high-level needs.

Our clients are welcome to attend our Italian Training Center near Venice, where they can have access to all our courses, and also take advantage of the beautiful location for an unforgettable trip to Venice. Or we can also provide our trainings at a place of your choice, such as the customer’s headquarters or offices anywhere in the world.

Our main focus is to make our expertise available to you and offer the best service possible through tailor-made education and on-going support.