Our Expertise



Digital Forensics is our business.
We know how modern technology is essential in forensic investigations. Technological developments create new possibilities to perform solid scientific measurements and the benefits are manifold, such as the potential to strongly increase speed and efficacy of the criminal justice system.

This is why we pledge technological excellence as entrepreneurial target and our R&D center is specifically dedicated to the development of innovative digital forensics tools.

We research, develop and produce dedicated technology and IT solutions based on the specific needs of Security Forces and Law Enforcements.
With tailored-made assistance, we advise and support our customers with consistency on an on-going basis, and analyze on commission specific products, both for targeted investigations and in the field of intelligence, providing detailed reports and case studies.

The exclusivity and uniqueness of our products come from quality standards especially designed to obtain professional instruments that not only guarantee high performance, but also an exclusive and unmatchable absolute value in their kind. We do this by integrating the customers real needs with our know-how and experience.
A wide range of products is not enough to reach the maximum result.

We make the difference by:

• Guiding each client into the process of building the laboratory that best serves their necessity thanks to our direct experience on the field.
• With trainings and ongoing support where our knowledge and expertise are transferred to our students so they can become autonomous.
• Providing for a constant update.