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hard drive data recovery


F.L.A.M.E. is a hardware and software complex combining a PCI Express card and USB boxes with a modular software designed to recover data from damaged HDD and/or copy by using hardware direct control over the disk.

The unique AHCI SATA 3 native technology, ensures greater stability and a top speed of 6 Gb/sec in cloning operations, if supported by the drive. During laboratory tests on mechanical disks, F.L.A.M.E. could copy at the maximum speed declared by the producer for the tested disk.

hard drive data recovery software

With F.L.A.M.E. it is possible to manage data recovery phases from the diagnosis to drive restoration and copy to a healthy drive or file image.

F.L.A.M.E. FIRMWARE UTILITIES let the user to access to firmware area. Through this software it is possible to diagnose a drive and fix firmware problems or change drive’s configuration (head map, to boot from firmware copies, to adapt a donor PCB, to manually load firmware modules in RAM).


hard drive data recovery digital forensics cloner

From the union of data recovery procedures and forensic acquisition we created GENESIS, which merges F.L.A.M.E.’s hardware (controller PCI Express, AHCI SATA 3 native technology and USB Power Boxes with full disk power control) and copying with firmware commands in an easy to use tool (does not require firmware knowledge) working even when the drives are protected by ATA password or present sectors/surfaces hard or impossible to read.


hard drive data recovery on field

Tactical versions of F.L.A.M.E. and GENESIS are stand-alone versions (1 channel), merging all the features of the pc version to the possibility of using it in in-field operations.

This Tactical Line has a 10” touch screen and a user-friendly interface for an easy and immediate use.

mobile data recovery


It can be composed according to the specific requests of the customer. Standard configurations are EAGLE LP Desktop Version and EAGLE LP Tactical Version.

EAGLE LP core hardware is composed of 3 readers (EMMC, EMCP and EMCP 221) requiring a low amount of current (LP = Low Power) in order to be safely used also on laptop PCs, beyond our Tactical platform.

mobile data recovery digital forensics on field

Imaging and analysis software are included in both Desktop and Tactical versions, while the latter displays also further utilities to perform logical acquisition (backup and DD).

Tactical version is designed for in-field operations which are eased by the use of the supplied Microsoft Surface as basic platform with all software pre-installed.


This suite supplies an alternative non-invasive method to acquire through USB both working or not perfectly working devices (when applicable). These procedures are performed in security conditions that avoid the risk of mother board damage.

Beyond multi-brand utilities, it displays dedicated ones for Samsung and Qualcomm based devices and specific functions to remove screen lock and access devices with boot issues.

Moreover, it provides a screen mirroring option to interact with those devices with damaged touchscreen.

Effective and efficient data recovery also depends on establishing and maintaining a laboratory that supports and optimizes the entire investigative process end-to-end and can withstand any evidentiary challenges. The individual design needs of a laboratory (both forensic and not) are as unique as the evidence that gets analyzed within its walls. As the IT world continues to expand and evolve, companies and organizations need their laboratories to advance with the science upon which they depend. The measure of success is how well a laboratory meets the current and future needs of the operator.

cold chip off

Among the equipment and training required to set up a professional laboratory that can be supplied are:

  • flow laminar clean benches
  • hardware tools to perform hard drive physical repair
  • all equipment to perform correct and safe hot chip off (hot air and soldering stations, solder fume extractors, chip cleaner kits and kits)
  • programmable milling cutters to perform cold chip off
  • micro and stereoscopes
  • tools to perform JTAG and ISP
  • dedicated training

data recovery digital forensics laboratory